IT Operations and Maintenance

Looking for an IT service provider you can trust?

Since 2002, Rivera Group has worked with DoD and other federal agencies to keep their IT systems running smoothly by managing change, monitoring performance and supporting users with highly trained IT professionals who can easily shift between cutting edge technology and legacy systems.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Systems and Network Administration
Systems/Network Administration

Systems performance that meets or exceeds your expectations
Rivera Group administrators carefully evaluate and monitor your systems and services to deliver optimal performance that ensures that the day-to-day operation of your networks meets or exceeds your requirements.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Application and Hardware Support
Application and Hardware Support

We keep mission critical hardware and software running smoothly
Whether it’s hardware or software support, Rivera Group’s IT support staff are thoroughly trained and certified to ensure that your entire system is properly maintained.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Configuration Management
Configuration Management

Improve system performance and productivity with smarter processes
Our Configuration Management processes dramatically reduce the risk of integration failure due to component changes on a project. Smarter management up-front reduces backend costs.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Software Maintenance and Upgrades
Software Maintenance and Upgrades

A systematic approach focused on value and stability
Rivera Group maximizes the life cycle of your software deployments by carefully controlling maintenance and upgrades, as well as integrations with other systems.