Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Are you getting full value for your software investments?

Rivera Group utilizes a structured, replicable and dependable approach to software maintenance and upgrades that includes a strict adherence to a comprehensive Software Maintenance Plan. The Software Maintenance Plan provides the overall governance for the scope of software upkeep, the post-delivery/deployment processes, the allocation of resources to provide maintenance and a detailed tracking and compliance capability to monitor life-cycle costs.

Software maintenance includes enhancements of capabilities and upgrades, the correction of errors and bugs, the sun-setting of obsolete capabilities and the optimization of performance. Our software maintenance capabilities include corrections of published software issues, modifications due to compatible component changes, enhancements to improve substandard performance and preventative modifications to ensure continued operational capability. We ensure compliance with all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and any externally mandated or vendor-level maintenance contracts.

Our structured process for Software Maintenance includes analyses of the software maintenance request to ensure validity, the development of the proposed enhancement or modification, the documentation of the proposed solution for approval and confirmation of the final approval to proceed. Once the enhancement or modification has been approved, we proceed with deployment. Post deployment reviews ensure final deployment met all requirements and standards