Hardware and Software Integration

Are poorly executed systems integrations crippling your operation?

Rivera Group’s experience translates to greater productivity in developing, implementing and managing custom integrations between varied applications and business processes within your IT architecture, resulting in higher efficiencies, greater compliance and lower overall costs.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Enterprise Application Integration
Enterprise Application Integration

A systematic approach focused on value and stability
Rivera Group maximizes the life cycle of your software by carefully controlling maintenance and upgrades to prevent downtime and integrate modifications with other systems.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Test and Evaluation
Test and Evaluation

Good T&E on the front end means fewer problems on the backend
At Rivera Group, Test and Evaluation (T&E) is critical in the development of IT systems as we identify risk and chart performance capabilities within an iterative process.

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Enterprise Data Management
Enterprise Data Management

Good EDM maximizes the value of your data
At Rivera Group, Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is the process of integrating, managing and retrieving data within an enterprise with the goal of having data that’s trusted and easily passed between users and business processes.