Test and Evaluation

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Test and Evaluation

Does T&E play a vital role in your IT development?

At Rivera Group, Test and Evaluation (T&E) is a critical step in the development of IT systems for our customers. Our proven T&E processes are executed during the entire life cycle and ensure that a system or its components are validated against approved specifications and requirements throughout the testing cycle.

Our test results are evaluated against expected results that ensure the accuracy of the design and the expected level of performance. This process helps detect early development or operational issues which reduces schedule delays and missed requirements. It also helps to assess system maturity and whether the components are operationally effective and ready for deployment.

Rivera Group conducts T&E according to the policies and regulations that govern our customers, whether they are in the private or public sector. Our testing processes cover testing at the individual component level, at the system level, at an integration level and potentially at the enterprise level.

Our trained staff are well versed in our overall T&E processes which include the identification of the target component, the compilation of the level of testing required and expected results, the development of the actual test plans, the performance of the test scenarios, the analyses of the test results against expectations and a remediation plan to correct performance deficiencies.