Configuration Management

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Configuration Management

Are the versions of your Hardware and Software components compatible across your organization?

At Rivera Group, our Configuration Management specialists implement a documented and controlled environment that ensures that all versions of your hardware and software components are compatible between the versions that are running on every server. We confirm that all upgrades have been tracked and executed to all target components. Our configuration management processes include standardized and automated features that reduce the risk of project failure due to unauthorized system component changes.

Additionally, our Configuration Management processes ensure version control via the deployment of a common repository that tracks all changes by user and ensures full accountability through user tracking and version history. We establish a baseline for all release information and monitor all release activity.

To ensure compliance with the Configuration Management plan, we provide support for or conduct periodic reviews to ensure that all staff associated with upgrades, patches and other system component changes are applying those changes properly and in accordance with the Configuration Management Plan and associated processes.