System/Network Administration

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Systems and Network Administration

How reliable is your IT infrastructure?

The health and availability of the IT infrastructure is one of the critical items that keeps CIOs up at night. Failure in any of the infrastructure components can result in lost productivity, lost or angry customers or worse yet, vulnerabilities into the enterprise.

Our administrators perform a full range of services that includes the installation, configuration, administration, maintenance, monitoring and reporting on the hardware, software and network components of your enterprise. Our staff are trained on the latest methodologies, and play an integral role in testing, evaluating and implementing new and emerging technologies to provide the latest capabilities for our customers, which results in seamless integrations between the old and new technology within the enterprise.

Whether we are providing network support for email and data backups, documentation on a disaster recovery plan, designing and implementing a physical and logical storage array, providing WAN/LAN support or maintaining patches, our systems administrators carefully evaluate and monitor your systems and services to deliver optimal performance that meets or exceeds your objectives.