Web Application Development and Support

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Web Application and Development Support

Are your meeting your internal and external customer requirements?

As the need for information and the access to resources grows exponentially, agencies are turning to self-service and other information sharing methods via web-based applications. Web applications connect users with back-end data repositories, filtering their requests in a secure environment to provide access to numerous data needs. Rivera Group web designers utilize the latest client and server-side methodologies to deliver robust content in a secure environment. We use program libraries and web application frameworks to build and maintain complex business applications that are scalable and can be accurately and rapidly deployed. Web application frameworks facilitate efficient coding best-practices and promote reusable code and shared libraries.

Our web developers use industry accepted and standardized coding guidelines to ensure uniform logic, file names, folder structures and other conventions to improve accuracy, reduce risk, simplify code maintenance and the quality of the applications. Our team is highly proficient in the use of the Agile development methodology and fully understands the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) that follow basic guidelines for strong and secure application development. We have extensive experience in the development process, from initial requirements gathering, development, design, and scope determination, technology selection, actual development, testing, deployment, training, documentation all the way to deployment and maintenance in the production environment. We are versed in many different development technologies and have deployed various applications across our customer base.

Our customers look to us to provide internal database driven web applications to streamline their internal departments, functions and operations to migrate from traditional desktop based solutions to a more flexible and robust delivery mechanism. Our customers also look to us to help them create robust external applications to keep up with the demand for more reliable and expedient access to their information in an extremely user friendly interface. Web-based applications provide a more innovative and modern approach to delivering content and information to our customers and their user communities.