Database Development and Management

Rivera Federal IT Solutions - Database Development and Support

Are you keeping up with the increasing pace of change?

Rivera Group specializes in the development of database solutions that operate efficiently, automate repetitive tasks and shorten the development cycle so that you can effectively and efficiently meet your objectives.

Rivera Group’s database administrators bring years of experience and training to each project to ensure that your projects properly conceived and implemented from start to finish. This includes:

Data governance and security that ensures the safety of your sensitive information

Database design that streamlines the interactions between data systems

Database quality that ensures clean code that is easy to test, manage, change and secure

Data Warehousing that optimizes your ability to not only manage data but analyze data from many sources within the enterprise.

Our database experts are well versed in the design, development and implementation of database structures of varying degrees to meet our customers varied requirements. We then implement a rigorous database maintenance plan to ensure regular maintenance, management and enhancement. Our Database administrators are tasked to manage, evaluate and monitor all database software and related products.